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Classroom arrangement

Posted by Tommy Lu on September 24, 2008

From principal Tang:

Dear boarad members,
I would like to call for your attention on one major issue: classroom shortage next school year.
We need to act fast to solve this issue because next year we definitely have classroom shortage problems.
This year we managed to combine PReK A and B classes to share one classroom.  So far, the teachers have been struggling to teach two classes during 2nd period.
CSD administrators will discuss with two teachers on Sunday to help their problems.  However I can assure you that teachers do NOT like the idea of combining classes to share one classroom.
Before we made such adjustment, all was talk.  No teacher has actually taught in such a scenario.  Now two teachers are actually teaching such combination classes and so far, they really do have problems.  They have expressed the wishes to either find another classroom or move up A class to 1 pM.
I  think in the next board meeting, board members should really look into next year’s classroom arrangement first.
Thanks n regards,


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