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Why students like MMORPG?

Posted by Tommy Lu on April 20, 2012

I was interested in the concept of using MMORPG to lead Chinese language learning at the conference. After browsed several sites about MMORPG, I made the connection that my son, who is 11 years old, has been playing this kind of games for quite some time and he would play these games online for hours. When ask him to do his Chinese school homwork, he was either tired immediately or begged to have some extra time to play before he can finish the current level. Tonight, I asked him to explain to me about those games and I was suprised that he already knows this term. In fact, he even explained to me the differences between RPG, ORPG, and MMORPG.

He showed me on of his favorite ORPG games, Mech Quest, and how he learned to play this game. He explained that he had to enter this “university” to learn how to use those weapons. He then uses what he has learned to this city called “Soluna.” The interesting part is that the site: keeps uploading new stuff and give him new instructions. He can earn “credits” to buy “stuff” he needs. He is never tired of playing and now I am watching what he is doing because I remember some parents warned me about these sites.

Anyway, if this kind of virtual environment can be created and continuously updated or added, students would be interested in learning because according to Dr. Zhao, this is how they would like to learn new things.


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