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Classroom Shortage

Posted by Tommy Lu on February 12, 2009

Dear CACC Board Members:

Chinese School of Delaware has been facing the class room shortage starting 9/2008. The CSD school board had come up with a two year plan trying to resolve the class room shortage issue by combining the two pre-K classes (PK-A and PK-B) for one of the period during the school hours since the beginning of school year 9/2008. We have recently received feed back from teachers and parents that this arrangement has caused difficulty in classroom management for the teachers and also comprimised the effectiveness and quality of students’ learning experiences. The school is proposing to move the starting time of incoming pre-K and K classes to 1:oo pm starting in fall 2009, the rest of the classes remain starting at 1:30pm. The school will remain ending at 4:00pm on sundays.

On behalf of the Chinese School of Delaware, the CSD school board is requesting the approval from CACC Board members for the usages of 3 class rooms, starting from 1pm ( which is 30 minutes earlier then the current schedule) , while the rest of the class rooms will start from 1:30pm-4pm on sundays when the Chinese School is in session, starting this fall, 2009. We hope to hear from the CACC board’s decision by mid March, so we can communicate the new schedule to the parents at the general parents’ meeting on April 5.

If you have any questions regarding this request, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tsuey-chen Long


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